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5 essential tools to have in your garage


If you intend to move to a new home with a new garage, or are seriously contemplating to upgrade your current garage and make it more productive and fun, there’s a collection of critical tools and equipment you will have to invest in first. To ensure you leverage your garage, go ahead and invest in these items:


A strong and stable workbench

A workbench is an integral part of any project-making task. It can be as simple as putting two sawhorses side by side and placing a solid plank, such as an old door made of medium-density fiberboard (MDF), on them. However, if you want to go all out on your workbench, you can construct your own DIY one using 2×4 and 4×4 LVL joists, which are a form of plywood available in lumberyards.

For even simpler setups, some companies offer pre-cut lumber that you simply put together like Lego blocks. Choose from benches with maple-block or solid wood countertops. If you have the budget to spare, you can always go for a store-bought workbench. Home centers carry such products. You can buy workbenches with storage drawers and a backboard with integrated lighting along with a work surface made of MDF or thin particleboard.

Some brands offer workbenches with steel frames along with thick butcher-block work surfaces. High-quality brands provide a variety of modular workbenches that enable you to customize your workspace.


A dependable vise or work-holding tool

The workbench alone will not keep the workpiece securely in place so you will have to invest in a quality vise or clamp to hold down your project securely and to ensure professional-grade results as well as your safety while working. Steer clear of cheap models that come with poor manufacturing and faulty mechanisms that potentially cause injury. Those types of tools are often clunky and can fail prematurely. Invest in a good quality clamp or vice to ensure optimal functionality.


A solid tool chest or garage pegboard

Trying to find a tool you need in a disorganized pile can be very frustrating and time consuming. To keep your tools neatly organized and safely stored till the next use, get a good quality tool chest. Some tool chests are able to hold a large quantity of tools without taking up too much room on the workbench. For DIYers who have quite a collection of tools, a roller cabinet-and-chest combo may be the best thing to store tools in. Some tool chests are even built like tanks to accommodate everything.

An economical way to store garage tools is through a pegboard. This offers the most pocket-friendly means of tool storage and organization. Every tool can be accessed easily. To store odds and ends with better flexibility, you may want to build storage cabinets and open shelving.


Power strips and extension cords.

With power tools, you can do projects faster and more neatly. If you are to ensure that your power tools can be used optimally, you’d better purchase power strips and extension cords so you are never far from a power source. You need power strips and extension cords to juice up cordless tool batteries as well. Power strips and extension cords provide easy access to outlets.

Safety gear

Safety glasses provide eye protection. Even when working with a drill press, there’s no telling if a small piece of the stock would suddenly come flying towards your eyes. Have at least two pairs of impact-rated safety glasses in case you get a guest who wants to watch you do projects. Mechanics or leather gloves, earmuffs or earplugs  earplugs, a face shield, a top quality disposable respirator (in case you work with chemicals and a small first-aid kit should round up the safety gear in your garage.




Author:Mason Clark