What to See in Hawaii


Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places to visit in a lifetime and also among my favorite destinations. Whenever I get the chance, I hop on a plane and head to the beautiful beaches of Hawaii for an excellent relaxing vacation. Since I peg myself as a veteran visitor of Hawaii, I want to mention in this blog post all the sites I love seeing when I’m there.

Volcanoes National Park

I know you expected me to start with the famous Hawaiian beaches, but I’m aiming for a strong opening, so I go with the Volcanoes National Park. While relaxing with a margarita in your hand and basking in the sun on one of the many beautiful beaches, you may entirely forget that Hawaii is also a place where active volcanoes are still present. If you are planning a trip to the Volcanoes National Park, you will get the fantastic opportunity to get close to the lava and see it move, while it slowly runs its course to the ocean waters.


Waipio Valley

Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places on earth, and it is meant to be admired. If you want to take in the incredible beauty of the island, there is no better place to do so than the Waipio Valley. Find a vantage point and admire from there the black sand beaches, the lush vegetation, and the majestic cliffs.


Maui Ocean Center

If you are not that much into snorkeling or the idea of an up-close meeting with a shark is not exactly your idea of a successful vacation, your best bet to admire everything that lies inside the pristine ocean waters is to visit the Maui Ocean Center. Families with kids will particularly love it since their little ones will be able to see sharks, turtles and many other marine creatures, housed in massive aquariums. There is no better idea for spending a relaxing afternoon than going through the glass tunnel that puts you on the spot, without any dangers involved.

Hana Road

Another great way to experience the beauty of Hawaii is by taking the scenic route of Hana Road that stretches along the shore, from Pa’ia to Hana. Besides navigating the picturesque scenery and enjoying a pleasant driving trip, you will be rewarded at the end, by the hospitality of the people of Hana. Because this is a more remote location than others, the local culture is much better preserved.


Waikiki Beach

Of course, I could not leave the most famous beach out of this blog post as it would have been simply unfair. Combining all the advantages of a modern city with the pristine quality of azure waters and perfect sand, Waikiki should be on everyone’s list of places to see before they die.




My favorite vacation destinations in the US


I love traveling. It’s one of the most rewarding activities I can engage in, but unfortunately, I don’t have all that much time left to devote to it. Instead of investing in physical things, I like investing in memories. Whether I go to a new place alone or with the rest of my family, I try to keep it real and visit as many locations as I possibly can. Today, I am going to tell you all about my favorite US destinations.



The Grand Canyon has to be on everyone’s top list of vacation places, and that’s because t is a natural wonder. It’s a massive site that gathers about four million visitors on a yearly basis. US News ranks it as one of the best places to visit in the States, for families, and for people who are looking for an adventure. The only thing that I somehow dislike about this place is that it can get really crowded, especially during the summer. Both hikers and sightseers are keen on visiting the Grand Canyon, and other families, as well, so you might have to practice a bit of patience if you want to get your turn and get to see the sight.


Yosemite National Park is another destination that you ought to consider if you’re American and love nature. About 1,200 square miles await you, and they’re packed with fantastic waterfalls, cliffs, rocks, and a plethora of animal species. If you’re an experienced hiker, it’s very likely that you will appreciate Yosemite; if you are not, you do not have to worry about anything as there are both climbing lessons and guided tours available on-site. I personally enjoy doing a bit of sightseeing by myself, but a tour works the first time you visit Yosemite.


Washington D.C. is another amazing place to go to if you have a week or two off. The city is charming in spite of the fact that it might come off as being a bit too serious for the outdoorsy adventurer. The nation’s capital is exciting in itself, especially if you are a history buff. It’s the home of the White House, the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, and last but not least, the incredible Smithsonian’s Natural History Museum.



New Orleans is another location to give some thought to. Even though the city was hit hard by Hurricane Katrina, both the locals, the officials, and loads of celebrities have worked hard on rebuilding it and making it as similar to the original as possible. New Orleans has anything from jazz, rock’n’roll, and other types of music to mysticism and delicious Creole cuisine. Besides, the locals are

5 essential tools to have in your garage


If you intend to move to a new home with a new garage, or are seriously contemplating to upgrade your current garage and make it more productive and fun, there’s a collection of critical tools and equipment you will have to invest in first. To ensure you leverage your garage, go ahead and invest in these items:


A strong and stable workbench

A workbench is an integral part of any project-making task. It can be as simple as putting two sawhorses side by side and placing a solid plank, such as an old door made of medium-density fiberboard (MDF), on them. However, if you want to go all out on your workbench, you can construct your own DIY one using 2×4 and 4×4 LVL joists, which are a form of plywood available in lumberyards.

For even simpler setups, some companies offer pre-cut lumber that you simply put together like Lego blocks. Choose from benches with maple-block or solid wood countertops. If you have the budget to spare, you can always go for a store-bought workbench. Home centers carry such products. You can buy workbenches with storage drawers and a backboard with integrated lighting along with a work surface made of MDF or thin particleboard.

Some brands offer workbenches with steel frames along with thick butcher-block work surfaces. High-quality brands provide a variety of modular workbenches that enable you to customize your workspace.


A dependable vise or work-holding tool

The workbench alone will not keep the workpiece securely in place so you will have to invest in a quality vise or clamp to hold down your project securely and to ensure professional-grade results as well as your safety while working. Steer clear of cheap models that come with poor manufacturing and faulty mechanisms that potentially cause injury. Those types of tools are often clunky and can fail prematurely. Invest in a good quality clamp or vice to ensure optimal functionality.


A solid tool chest or garage pegboard

Trying to find a tool you need in a disorganized pile can be very frustrating and time consuming. To keep your tools neatly organized and safely stored till the next use, get a good quality tool chest. Some tool chests are able to hold a large quantity of tools without taking up too much room on the workbench. For DIYers who have quite a collection of tools, a roller cabinet-and-chest combo may be the best thing to store tools in. Some tool chests are even built like tanks to accommodate everything.

An economical way to store garage tools is through a pegboard. This offers the most pocket-friendly means of tool storage and organization. Every tool can be accessed easily. To store odds and ends with better flexibility, you may want to build storage cabinets and open shelving.


Power strips and extension cords.

With power tools, you can do projects faster and more neatly. If you are to ensure that your power tools can be used optimally, you’d better purchase power strips and extension cords so you are never far from a power source. You need power strips and extension cords to juice up cordless tool batteries as well. Power strips and extension cords provide easy access to outlets.

Safety gear

Safety glasses provide eye protection. Even when working with a drill press, there’s no telling if a small piece of the stock would suddenly come flying towards your eyes. Have at least two pairs of impact-rated safety glasses in case you get a guest who wants to watch you do projects. Mechanics or leather gloves, earmuffs or earplugs  earplugs, a face shield, a top quality disposable respirator (in case you work with chemicals and a small first-aid kit should round up the safety gear in your garage.




Why my home garage needed a drill press and how I was able to buy the right on




As you already know, I am passionate about traveling as I am about my garage. I love making things with my hands, seeing them take shape according to a design. Of course, I am still an artisan in the making, as I still have a lot to learn. However, beginner that I am, I still agree with most DIYers that without a drill press, I would not be able to say I am running a truly productive home garage or shop. Yes, I own a corded handheld power drill, but there are just so many projects to do that the tool cannot handle. That is why I invested in a quality drill press.


I once worked on a project that needed elaborate hole drilling to the exact degree, and the stock was irregularly shaped and quite large. It was a good thing the customer who commissioned me to do the project is a good friend. I could not, for the life of me, figure out how to work on the piece.


One look at the troubled expression on my face and noticing the lack of a drill press in my shop, my friend said, “You ought to have a drill press, man. It can help you work more easily and efficiently on projects such as this.” So that was precisely what I did. With the ,money my friend had given as down payment, I went online and bought a quality drill press from a popular USA tool brand.



To ensure I knew what I was getting, I read numerous drill press reviews and buying guides. Thanks to all the research, I was able to know that I should make sure the drill press had a cast iron base, work table and head. It is important for a drill press to be of heavy-duty or solid build considering the type of work it needs to do. A drill press can even be outfitted with mortising and sanding attachments to increase its versatility.


Variable spin speeds are essential since I intend to work with a variety of materials in the garage including plastic, ceramic, wood and metal. I can use the slower speeds to work on tougher material, and the high speeds for less hardy workpieces. This will also ensure I do not end up with a pile of broken drill bits and damaged materials because of non-adjustable speeds.


The chuck capacity of my drill press is ½ inch, which is the largest shank diameter that can be used with this type of device. A good general purpose size is ⅜ inch. Most large bits are designed with a small shaft that fits into a ⅜-inch chuck. The smallest chuck size is ¼ inch, which may not be able to handle tougher applications.

The motor on my drill press delivers ½ horsepower, which is just enough for my needs. The machine also comes with online chuck key storage, and this ensures I don’t misplace the component. The worktable swivels left and right and can be lowered and raised using a rack-and-pinion mechanism. This means I can easily handle the large, irregularly shaped stock my friend brought for me to work on.


My drill press is quite easy to use. The included operating manual has illustrations and clear instructions on use, so I should be able to work on my friend’s project first thing in the morning tomorrow. Wish me luck!


What I love about Seattle



Seattle is crawling with tourists, this much I can tell you. Despite the fact that it rains a lot in Seattle, that certainly is surprising…but is it? The weather is indeed crappy here, but there’s so much to love about the place. Let me walk you through the Emerald City of the Pacific Northwest so you can learn to love it as much as many other people do.

Seattle is an eclectic mix of New York, LA and Alaska.

Located far northwest, Seattle provides a touch-off point for a drive to Vancouver, Canada. In addition, flying or taking the ferry to Alaska is easy. In a similar manner as Alaska, Seattle began in part as a timber town nestled between the Puget Sound, which is an inlet of the Pacific Ocean, and several lakes and mountains in the distance.

This is an urban city brimming with excitement and surrounded by unparalleled natural beauty so you can be sure that there’s an adventure waiting for you in every corner. Inside Seattle is a network of heterogeneous neighborhoods comprising one huge cosmopolitan city that is big enough to beguile celebrities such as Adele and Bruno Mars.

Entertainment in Seattle is available at a fraction of the cost of both LA and New York, in addition to how easier it is to get to venues compared to the other two cities since there’s no LA-esque traffic jam to delay you. Your typical breakfast meal is more American South-ish than anything, comprising eggs and homemade biscuit.


Seattle still manages to maintain an identity all its own.

Just as when you say Seattle, it will be Microsoft, the Space Needle and the Seahawks that come to mind, it is also only Seattle that has the bragging rights to being the home of the original Starbucks. Those who have lived here will tell you that Starbucks in Seattle is a lot smaller than the other Starbucks outlets elsewhere. It wouldn’t do much to linger for a long time at Starbucks since it’s always crowded with tourists.

Still, Seattle has a solid reputation for being a coffee lover’s haven in general. There’s always a place in some corner where you can get your caffeine fix and indulge your sweet tooth even more with pastry. Why is Seattle coffee the best? It must be the weather, along with that special sense of community in the many coffeehouses there where a warm hug is all you need to get you through a crummy day.

Food, culture, entertainment and technology-they’re all here!

Java and seafood are not all that Seattle has to offer. This city has just about everything and serves it up with a distinct Seattle flavor. Get relatively decent Philly cheesesteaks, with some that can transport you back to your college town.
Take that two-minute ride of a lifetime on the Seattle Center Monorail. Visit the Museum of History & Industry (MOHAI) as well as the Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP) and the The Museum of Flight. Then, there’s the Pacific Science Center and the Chihuly Garden and Glass. Or take The Future of Flight Aviation Center & Boeing Tour. Love wine? Then go make Woodinville Wine Country an item in your Seattle travel itinerary.

There’s so much to see, do, eat, drink and enjoy in the city, so you will probably end up Sleepless in Seattle.


Snow in Portland



I was thinking about a short trip to my friend Craig in Portland…I’ve changed my mind.